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Natalie Dufty

Natalie Dufty

Natalie Dufty has been with Greater Nevada for 8 years, and has an abundance of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry. Combined with a background in customer service and communication, she strives to make sure that her clients are educated in the loan process from beginning to end. Natalie strives to build relationships through trust by giving accurate and beneficial advice that is in the best interest of the client. After 22 years of chasing snow, she has settled with her family in Nevada and enjoys riding her bike into the winter months.

Natalie Dufty
Mortgage Consultant
1545 US Hwy 395
Minden, NV 89423
(775) 783-7591 - Office
(775) 790-6505 - Cell
(775) 884-7036 - eFax
NMLS ID: 359291
NV ID: 31638
CA ID: DFPI359291


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What my clients have to say:

"Natalie Dufty was wonderful! So easy to work with, very accommodating, so friendly." Kris B. (July 2021)

"Natalie Dufty is top not h in her field.  This is the 3rd time we have used her services. She is always on top of the job." Jodi & David S. (July 2021)

"Very good, constant communication. Questions were answered immediately." Dave & Dennis L. (June 2021)

"We were very  pleased with the expertise and knowledge of the staff...our loan moved along quickly with no bumps and closing was a breeze! Thank you Natalie Dufty!" Jason & Zoe H. (June 2021)

"Spot on and exceeds my expectations." Loree L. (June 2021)

"We have been members for 40 years and had home loans and auto loans and never had a problem." Rick H. (June 2021)

"Natalie Dufty was excellent and very fast." Tony S. (May 2021)

“Could not have been more accommodating - kept in touch with me mostly by Phone.” Donna L. (March 2021)

“She is the best when it comes to service. “ Martin C. (February 2021)
“This has been a very difficult time as I’m going through a divorce. I needed extra help because of this stress. Natalie was great! “ Stacy F. (February 2021)
“Its always a smooth great transaction. “ Tyler S. (February 2021)

"She is the best when it comes to service." Martin C. (January 2021)
"She walked me through the process very patiently." Stacy F. (January 2021)
"Natalie Dufty is amazing, I only like dealing with her when it comes to my mortgage.  I'm sure everyone else is just as outstanding as she is, but she has helped me 4 times now and it has been a flawless simple transaction for me." Tyler S. (January 2021)

"Getting a loan with Greater Nevada, a local Nevada bank, was so much better than trying to deal with these national banks who do not know Nevada.  We also got a better mortgage interest rate by going to Greater Nevada instead of a national bank.  Way to go, GNCU!" Mary W. (December 2020)

"I am in a business where I can occasionally recommend a lender. I would always put Natalie at the top of that list. She is responsive and professional in every way. At the end of the day, there is no one in my view that is as good at what she does as she is. She knew from the start that if my escrow was delayed, the builder would charge me $100 a day for each day delayed and she pushed everyo9ne in her organization to make sure that did not happen." Liz S. (October 2020)
"ALL my questions were Fully answered every time & i appreciate that." Sherry R. (October 2020)

"She’s been great" Steve Y.  (October 2020)
"This whole process that is usually stressful for everyone was like a walk in the park thanks to Natalie! We had a couple of bumps in the road but she walked my husband and I through everything, and has earned our lifelong business! Truly a breeze!" Kami I. (October 2020)

"Great to work with. Everything was great." Randy & Joanne M. (September 2020)

"Natalie Dufty and her team, were the easiest and best team to work with. They went out of their way to get the loan process completed on time and finished before the scheduled time." Jon W. (July 2020)

"Natalie is an expert in her field, is always reachable whenever I need her, and is always working in my best interests. I'm so greateful for her." Shannon M. (July 2020)

"Natalie Dufty was a great loan officer and a great asset to Greater Nevada Mortgage." Enrique A. (June 2020)

"I got my home refinance loan from GNM in a reasonable amount of time, at a good rate and fair cost, in a difficult time for doing business due to COVID-19. My mortgage payments decreased by $400 per month, well worth the wading through the paperwork process." Ron O. (Jun. 2020)

"Highly recommend Greater Nevada Mortgage. Personal, local, and accomodating service that other financial institutions don't provide." Sheree A. (Jun. 2020)

"We are very happy with Greater Nevada." Roxwell H. (May 2020)

"During an unprecedented time with COVID-19 uncertainty, Natalie Dufty at Greater Nevada Mortgage was patient, knowledgeable, and efficient with our mortgage refinance. We appreciated her amazing customer service!" Jenni W. (May 2020)

"Natalie is great to work with and things got turned around in a timely manner." Julie C. (Apr. 2020)

"If you are considering a mortgage or refinance of your existing mortgage I highly recommend working with Natalie." Kirsten B. (Apr. 2020)

"Natalie Dufty did an amazing job with helping me get my loan and then later re-financing! She walked me through the entire process and made sure that I was comfortable with all the decisions and the process. She was available to answer questions whenever I reached out and always got back to me within an hour or less! She made the whole experience a little less scary and a lot more enjoyable! I have since referred two other friends to her, and she was able to help both of them out also!" Lacey L. (Apr. 2020)

"Natalie was great, as usual.  She is a real pro." Rick A. (March 2019)

"We worked with Natalie for our first home’s mortgage. When we were selling that home and buying a new home, she worked hard to not only keep our business but also close escrow early. We were very pleased with the process and happy to keep our relationship with Greater Nevada going." Kim J. (May 2018)

"Natalie is very nice and I felt like she wanted to help me as much as possible! She is awesome." Nick V. (Jan 2018)

“GNCU made the process a breeze. Natalie Dufty is a pleasure to work with.” Rachel R. (Jan 2018)

"It was a seamless experience." Tami A. (Nov 2017)

"Professional. All expectations were met, all questions answered very quickly." Brandon S. (Oct 2017)

"Miss Natalie Dufty of Greater Nevada Mortgage went out of her way to help us from start to finish with our loan and closing of our escrow in less than 30 days. She is terrific. It was a pleasure working with your Mortgage Company from beginning to the very end." Rita D. (Jul 2017)

"Borrowing through Greater Nevada was such a pleasant experience. My loan officer was knowledgeable and so friendly, and she made the loan experience a very positive one. I will be using GNM for all of my loan needs in the future." Terry S. (Jun 2017)

​"Natalie Dufty was great - we would recommend Greater Nevada Mortgage and Natalie to anyone!" Rick S. (Dec 2016)

"Absolutely great!" Volkert L. (Nov 2016)

"We were first time home buyers with not the best credit. We had applied in the past with Natalie and she was able to help us understand where our credit needed to improve. We started work right away and during the next 6 months, I called her a few times with questions and to check in. After 6 months, we re-ran our credit and she was able to walk us through the ENTIRE process. She even put us in touch with a fantastic real estate agent who took great care of us and worked with Natalie very well!  We're now living in our dream home!" Taryn M. (Nov 2016)

"Amazing service! Super patient and helpful through the whole home buying process." Dave Y. (Nov 2016)

"Very smooth and non-stressful buying experience. The loan process went as according to the time frame we were given with no delays." – Christine & Jerry W. (Oct 2016)

"Natalie Dufty is by far the best lending professional we've come across. We literally felt like we hit the gold mine when we met her! We always felt like her first priority. Thank you Natalie for putting up with us and keeping the whole experience fun and exciting! You saw the light in this from the start! We are so grateful." Wade and Vera B. (May 2016)

"I had a great experience with GNMS, Natalie was wonderful...the loan closed on time and all is good."  Jamie H. (Feb 2016)

"Quick and friendly service with little red tape."  Edward F. (Feb 2016)

"Of all the other attempts to secure a loan, working with Natalie in the Minden branch was by far, not only the most successful, it was the most pleasant experience.  She kept us informed as to the progression and time line every step of the way.  In our "book" she is a gem, and definitely an asset to the Greater Nevada Mortgage organization."  Rick & Pat R. (Jan 2016)