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Greater Nevada Mortgage Borrower Testimonials

"I was advised to shop for a mortgage and also got approved by Wells Fargo where I had a checking and savings account.  Very shortly, I realized that Greater Nevada was going to be the best experience." — Julie L. (July 2019)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage staff are informed, friendly and efficient. They care about you and your experience throughout the loan process." — Sharon F. (May 2019)

"Going through the HELOC process with GNM was quick and easy. So much improved from the old cumbersome and tedious process of years past. I highly recommend GNM for your HELOC needs." — Nancy E. (May 2019)

"I would highly recommend Greater Nevada to anyone seeking a mortgage." — Al H. (April 2019)
"Greater Nevada Mortgage provides loans in an up-front competitive and timely manner." — Maryellen W. (April 2019)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage met and exceeded our loan expectations. We were surprised at how painless this process was, as we'd bought another home in the past with a different lender and had a much less pleasant experience. We could not be any happier with Greater Nevada, the service was exceptional." — Caddie & Eric D. (March 2019)

"5 Star Service! Soars above competition, they treat you like family." — Geno D. (January 2019)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage is a great lender.  The people you work with are so helpful and communicate very well throughout the entire process.  You will be very pleased with the overall experience, I know I was." —   Sandra K. (January 2019)

"It was a very painless and easy process with individuals who treat you with respect. They make you feel like you are their only client.
January 2019 – Freida Schoech
"Greater Nevada is the best mortgage experience we have ever had. There was no stress, easy paper work, and closed on time. Not one problem thru the whole process." — John H. (January 2019)
"The staff at GNCU are polite and hard working.  They make you feel like you are the most important thing they are working on.  The speed at which our loan was completed was fantastic and it was great to work with someone local that we could meet in person if needed.  We also used the e signing while out of State and it worked perfectly.  We were also able to close the sale of one home and complete this new loan on the same day!  Thanks for a great loan experience!!" — Joe and Carmen S. (January 2019)
"Greater Nevada Mortgage made the home buying process easy and walked us through every step." — Jim and Mary S. (January 2019)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage [gives] exceptional service to their borrowers. They are honest and work hard to give their customers the best possible outcome. I would recommend Greater Nevada Mortgage to anyone who expects the highest degree of professionalism and expertise in mortgage and refinance." —  Jennifer G. (January 2019)


"Love the bank, love the rates and love the customer service!" — Patty (January 2019)

"Working with Nathan Fogelsong was great! He was very responsive, answered all my questions and even met us at the title company, who does that?" — Patty (January 2019)


"After losing our home to the volcano in Hawaii GNM helped secure a loan for our new home in Nevada quickly and professionally. It helped take the sting out of our loss." — John W. (November 2018)

"Greater Nevada provided my initial mortgage and just completed a refinance with professional guidance that simplifies an otherwise tedious process." — Janet M. (November 2018)
"As a first time home buyer Greater Nevada Mortgage helps me a lot in my entire process." — Leonorlyn F. (November 2018)
"All questions and paperwork were handled in a timely and professional manner. Receptionist at Reno office was very courteous and friendly." — Mike M. (November 2018)

"Once again another great job and great service with my home mortgage.  I guess that is why you are call yourself Greater Nevada!" - Brian W. (October 2018)

"I was pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of the mortgage dept. overall. 5 stars!!" - Sandra T. (October 2018)
"Superb customer support! Great interest rate, VA loan." - Robert B. (October 2018)
"Given all of the loans I have had. . .this was one of the easiest processes. . .I ALWAYS new right where I stood, was kept up to date on each step!!" - Phillip (October 2018)

"Everything was very professional and my recent home loan process was the easiest one I have ever experienced." - Marshall B. (September 2018)

"I am so glad I went to Greater Nevada instead of anywhere else." - John H. (September 2018)

"I have 2 mortgages and a truck loan and have had no issues. Competitive rates and great service!" -Rebecca C. (September 2018)

"Greater NV Mortgage personnel are some of the best I have ever dealt with. I definitely will recommend them to anyone." - (August 2018)

"Easy, simple and speedy." - Dean G. (August 2018)

"Fast and easy process. Amazingly friendly people." — Bob C. (July 2018)

"[The Greater Nevada mortgage team was] outstanding! They kept me well informed and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I was not well versed in the whole mortgage process but they answered all my questions in a timely, easy to understand manner." — Susan D. (July 2018)

"Greater Nevada will not leave you with any doubts for your home purchase experience." — Maria P. (June 2018)

"From my preapproval to my new home funding everything was flowed very nicely. It was a pleasant experience. " — Deborah M. (June 2018)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage got me into my loan and into my house where others failed. Professionalism, honesty and clear communications made a complicated deal work where others failed. And I saved money!!" — Albert F. (June 2018)

"I have made home loans and refinanced numerous times over the years. This was the most pleasant one. It's nice to be face to face with the agents. " — Thomas T. (June 2018)

"This is the second loan I have gotten through GNCU- I would never go anywhere else." — Johanna D. (June 2018)

"Never had a problem with any GNCU loan product." — Michael D. (May 2018)

"[Greater Nevada] was wonderful to work with and met our expectations in a timely matter . My family would highly recommend the staff at [Greater Nevada]." — Laurine L. (May 2018)

"Buying my first home went smoothly and I feel like I was treated as if I was part of the family. Highly recommend." — Christopher and Malia. (May 2018)

"Greater Nevada is the place to go for your mortgage. Knowledgeable, well prepared staff will be there to assist you through the entire loan process." — Pamela J. (May 2018)

"I was pleasantly surprised to get my loan done so quickly and painlessly. One in person meeting and the rest was done online. I wish everything could be done that easily." — Stephanie B. (May 2018)

"Easy and quick" — James D. (May 2018)

"[Greater Nevada] Mortgage is excellent and professional. I will continue to use their services and have recommended to many!" — Courtney W. (May 2018)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage lives up to its claim: helping borrowers to "Live Greater" in Nevada. They are courteous, diligent, and resourceful." — Jordan H. (April 2018)

"GNCU is committed to providing only the best when it comes to customer service." — GNM Borrower (April 2018)

"Wonderful experience most of the paperwork was done by e-mails." — Deborah D. (April 2018)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage Service performs as indicated by its slogan, Great! Thanks, GNMS." — Mary L. (April 2018)

"Best company I have had to deal with in years." — Cheryl M. (April 2018)

"I am very pleased with my experience with GNCU." — Kristy H. (March 2018)

"Overall it was a smooth process and I would have no problem dealing with Greater NV Mortgage again." — Jeff F. (March 2018)

"GNCU has always been my go to for any type of loans. I have had personal loans, vehicle loans and now a mortgage loan." — Price M. (March 2018)

"A positive experience. I’ll be switching everything to this bank." — Tony S. (Feb 2018)

"Our borrowing experience went smoothly. We are very satisfied!" — Lindsay L. (Feb 2018)

"Easy peasy!" — Aaren P. (Feb 2018)

"I like GNCU because they been the only bank I’ve been with my whole career and into retirement. I’ve always been treated well by them. As the Bible says, do unto others as they do unto you. Treat people with respect, dignity and kindness, you get it in return from me. That’s why I have stayed for 36 years." — James B. (Feb 2018)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage makes the loan process for buying a home a positive experience. They treat you as family and ensure you are taken care of and your needs are met." — Greta O. (Feb 2018)

"We dealt with 2 other lenders that both gave us false information regarding what we truly qualified for. They were leading us down a path to failure trying to put us in a position that would have hurt us later. Greater Nevada Mortgage was looking out for our future making sure that we were in a position to succeed and not fail. They were looking out for our best interest. That’s very hard to find these days. The best experience we have had in the last 25 years. Thank you Greater Nevada Mortgage for a honest and up front lending process." — Dwight and Shamen F. (Feb 2018)

“[Greater Nevada Mortgage] looked out for our needs and was able meet our goals in our loan process. We have used GNCU in the past for car loans which have always been a good experience and we are so glad we were able to get our mortgage through [Greater Nevada]. They always exceeded our expectations.” – Natalie and Keston S., Gardnerville (Dec 2017)
"Greater Nevada Mortgage Services provides a quality and professional service allowing its members to adequately borrow what they can afford and in a timely manner." — Keith & Kristal B., Dayton (Aug 2017)

"Greater Nevada met our mortgage needs.  We wouldn't hesitate to use them again." — Bret B. (Aug 2017)

"Refinancing a home can be a challenge. I decided to use Greater Nevada because I have worked with them for both my business and personal banking needs, and the customer service they have provided has always exceeded my expectations. Even though the rates I received were slightly higher than the best internet quotes, I knew I could trust in the continued quality care they have provided over the years. I have complete faith my mortgage is in the hands of a trustworthy bank." — Paul M., Minden ( Jun 2017)

"I love Greater Nevada. I don't feel like just a number. Greater Nevada is truly a community bank that cares about me and my family." — Edwin L., Reno (Jun 2017)

"Our GNCU Mortgage loan officer was friendly and helpful, efficient and easy to communicate with.  And we have never had a mortgage application approved so quickly.  The process was practically effortless!"  — Angeline V., Minden (May 2017)

"At GNCU I was treated as an individual and not just as another customer. Personal attention to detail and what was best for me was my experience." — Robert M., Carson City (May 2017)

"Greater Nevada and their employees care. They stop at nothing to make magic happen!" — Rhonda M., Sparks (May 2017)

"I would tell all my friend's about Greater Nevada." — Don S., Fallon (Apr 2017)

"GNCU looked out for our needs and was able meet our goals in our refinance process. You exceeded our expectations." — Dave J., Sparks (Dec 2016)

"I would definitely recommend Greater Nevada to anyone buying a home. They made our first home buying experience a great one."  — Jennifer P., Spring Creek (Nov 2016)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage was a pleasure to work with. They were the best I have ever worked with very professional truly a great experience."  — Jon M., Reno (Nov 2016)

"GNCU exceeded our expectations with the home loan process. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the process so much we will now be banking with GNCU."  — John C., Minden (Nov 2016)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage made it so convenient for my loan process. I was able to sign e-mails sent to my work, so I didn't miss much time away from work. They were able to check my credit and I only had to visit the office a few times. It took less time than I ever expected. I am very happy for their excellent service." — Cynthia P., Carson City (Sep 2016)

"From our initial mortgage five years ago to our refinance, Greater Nevada has made the process fair and simple. They are dedicated to making sure that "home means Nevada."" — Andrew H., Sparks (Sep 2016)

"Our experience with Greater Nevada Mortgage was the best one by far among our many finance and refinance opportunities over the past 25 years.  Our mortgage representative was very responsive to our questions and concerns, and definitely knew the process well.  We strongly recommend them." — Wendell H., Sparks (Aug 2016)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage provided my family with an incredible home buying experience! I was amazed at how low stress this transaction ended up being.  I would definitely recommend them!" Cathy S., Sparks (Jul 2016)

"GNCU and the Mortgage team went above and beyond the standard to help me with my buying experience.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who wishes to purchase a home." — William M., Gardnerville (Jun 2016)

"The whole process went very smoothly and was processed quickly.  We felt very comfortable and highly recommend Greater Nevada Mortgage." — Cathy F., Gardnerville (Jun 2016)

"Greater rates, greater service, we love Greater Nevada." — Thomas N., Ely (Jun 2016)

"GNCU is the way to go for a home mortgage!" — Thomas D., Carson City (Jun 2016)

"My experience with Greater Nevada has always been excellent." — Josephine R., Dayton (Jun 2016)

"It's nice to deal with a local institution.  The client service, knowledge and care is 100% better than dealing over the phone with a total stranger."   — Isabella V. & Juan G., Sparks (Apr 2016)

"GNM was able to offer a loan program that many other banks do not have.  They got the job done in a timely manner, promptly responded to inquiries and professionally handled the ever increasing and changing lending laws.”
 — Rebecca C., Gardnerville (Mar 2016)

"We highly recommend Greater Nevada for a home loan or refi.  Our mortgage consultant was so efficient. We received a great mortgage rate and the whole process was completed in just over a month."  Gary and Kimberly N., Sparks (Mar 2016)

"Greater Nevada Mortgage is the best and most professional place to get your mortgage loan.  Excellent people help you through the process in a very timely manner."  — Jack F., Carson City (Mar 2016)

"I’ve been so happy with GNCU with my personal banking experience, that I thought I’d try my car loan and refinancing my home with GNCU as well.  It was such a great experience from start to finish that I will be a long-term, loyal customer with anything I need in the future.  I recommend GNCU to everyone I know.  Local people that love their jobs and it reflects in every interaction." — Brittney B., Sparks (Mar 2016)

"GNCU has been there for me throughout the many years I’ve been a member.  From auto loans to personal loans to now with my home loan, I am very satisfied.  All of the employees through the many years have been great.  Thank you GNCU."
— Cindy C., Sun Valley (Mar 2016)

"We would just like to thank you for making this deal go smoothly! You honestly took the headache out of home buying."
— Keith & Crystal, Dayton (2016)