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Here are some resources that we have provided for you to help keep up to date with your Greater Nevada Mortgage:

Understanding Your Mortgage Statement

Watch a quick educational video to help you make sense of the wealth of information included in your statement.

Understanding Your Escrow Analysis

Each August, Greater Nevada Mortgage completes our annual Escrow Analysis to review how much money is in your escrow account, ensuring we are setting aside the appropriate amount. If too little has been set aside (shortage), we will adjust your payment to make up the difference. If too much money has been set aside (surplus), we will send you a refund. Escrow Analysis statements will be mailed on August 15 showing possible changes to your mortgage payment beginning October 1.

Easy, Automatic Payments

Use Direct Pay to automatically deduct your mortgage payment from your checking or savings account every month on the date you choose. It's safe, convenient and free. Make sure you never miss a payment!

Verify your insurance

If you received a letter asking for verification of homeowners insurance as part of your mortgage loan, use this easy online tool to update your insurance or identify the reason you received a letter from us.

Don't forget to Contact Us if you have any questions!